On Tuesday 19 September 2017 the IRT SystemX welcomed members of the Innovation Makers Alliance (IMA) to a deep dive into its activities and innovation ecosystem.

Almost fifty IMA members took part in Deep Dive @ SystemX on Tuesday 19 September. The morning was taken up by a series of presentations:

  • Stéphane Lefebvre, Director of the IMA’s Innovation division, opened the plenary session with a reminder of the Alliance’s greatest highlights and key objectives.
  • Bruno Foyer, the IRT SystemX Platforms director, then talked about the Institute’s innovation mindset as well as its technological strategy and ecosystem.
  • Patrice Aknin, IRT SystemX Scientific Director, closed the plenary session by focusing on the role of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies within the Institute’s research projects.

This was followed by a demo-tour enabling participants to explore the artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital simulation and blockchain technologies at the heart of the IRT SystemX’s R&D projects. Information was given about the scientific and technological challenges that the Institute has committed to tackling with all its partners.

Feedback on Deep Dive:


The Innovation Makers Alliance (IMA), created in June 2015, brings together more than 800 strategic and operational managers involved in innovation with 76 large companies and administrations. The Alliance works to consolidate technological innovation initiatives being conducted by large companies. Each month the IMA organises a half-day visit to one of its members, called a Deep Dive.


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