SystemX has announced the winners of its first call for candidates for START@SystemX to launch its first season devoted to mobility.


The project, Modélisation de Solutions de Mobilité (MSM, modeling mobility solutions), the purpose of which is to improve and fluidify user transport flows in urban areas, holds all the potential of a startup that involves innovative information collection, and data analysis and visualization.

The three winning startups in the first START@SystemX project lauunched in September 2016  on the topic of mobility, are:

  • Citodi,
  • Nextérité,
  • QuantCube Technology.

“Mobility issues are  major day-to-day concerns for large cities throughout the world.   To test its innovative solutions and improve users’ quality of life,  START@SystemX has opened its doors to the large industrial groups, SMEs and startups so that they can work hand in hand on the huge challenges to our society, beginning with mobility. Thus, for the next six months, this new type of initiative will enable R&D collaboration to be accelerated in an open innovation context”, declared Frédéric Da Silva, the MSM project manager.

Throughout the project, our industrial partners will make their expertise in their jobs and their sectors available to the winning startups, which will also be able to study usage cases provided by the industrial partner and study exclusive data. Furthermore, the startups will be able to use the technological platform developed by IRT SystemX that was used for modeling transport systems and simulating traveller mobility at local level.



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