Organized by OPTIS, ADmoSens will take place on June 13 & 14 in SystemX premises on the topics of sensors, simulation and virtual.

The ADmoSens brings together technical experts of the automotive industry from the major OEMs and Suppliers, the best simulation and integrators suppliers and the scientist experts involved in that domain. For this first edition, the aim is to create a community of exchange on working methods, challenges and problems for everyone in a user-friendly environment. The event is part of a research & development phase highlighting innovation.

Because autonomous vehicles require more and more sensors and because automakers need to test their vehicles over hundreds of millions of kilometers, simulation tools and methodologies become indispensable. However, virtual testing can only be used if they accurately reflect reality, when they are based on physics. Simulators are already relatively powerful in terms of the mechanics and dynamics of vehicles. Moreover, considering the environment and how the sensors will perceive it, it is necessary that sensor simulation is accurate enough to model the signal that the sensors will provide.

This simulation conference will focus on the aspect of ‘perception’ and of ‘sensors’ in the field of ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) and autonomous vehicle technology. This conference will set up practical cases using demonstrations, presentations and roundtables to answer all the major issues of today and tomorrow. Keilatt Andriantavision and Thomas Wouters, research engineers within the Simulation of Autonomous Vehicle Safety (SVA) will present challenge of Sensor simulation. Abdelkrim DoufeneAutonomous Transport Program Lead Coordinator, will lead a panel discussion on the following topic: “Contribution of modeling and simulation in designing complex industrial systems”.

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