France’s 8 IRTs met up on the 21st of October 2014 at the Cité des Congrès in Nantes. Interviews, round tables, success stories, demos, scientific posters … Discover what the day was made of!

The IRT Jules Verne organized this second edition of the National Forum of the IRTs. Its objective was to present the results of the activities of each of the IRTs since their creation, two years.

A morning centered on young talents

The IRTs invited engineering school students in order to raise awareness about the subject of innovation amongst them. The IRT SystemX chose to give voice to its doctoral students who presented on stage, or through a video, the achievements of their thesis and the added value the IRT SystemX has brought to their work.

The IRTs many partners on the frontline

Louis Schweitzer, General Commissioner for Investment, opened the plenary session and reiterated that the IRTs were at the heart of the strategy for future investments.

“While it may be premature to make a comprehensive analysis of the impact of the IRTs on our higher education and research system or on our industrial network, it is clear that a real dynamic is at work. It translates into concrete, measurable and verifiable results all over the country. In the IRTs, we see the development of good quality research projects and interesting leads.” Louis Schweitzer, General Commissioner for Investment.

The start-up Krono-Safe opens its doors to Alstom

The day then saw a succession of roundtables, interviews and success stories. Elie Soubiran, FSF project manager – detached from Alstom at the IRT SystemX – and Didier Roux, CEO of Krono-Safe, testified to the value that the IRT SystemX brings to the collaboration of major groups and SMEs.

5 demos for SystemX in the IRTs village

SystemX presented the results of 5 of its projects in the form of demonstrations:

LRA Project: HMI for autonomous vehicles

Experience driving a car in autonomous mode on the IRT SystemX’s Dr. SiHMI simulator.

FSF Project: Control of critical embedded systems: what stakes and what solutions?

From the design and simulation of systems to the use of multi-heart architecture, critical embedded systems related technical obstacles are difficult. This demo showcases the approach used by the FSF project to integrate a set of innovative industrial solutions in order to address the issues of performance and dependability.

IMM Project: Online and social network strategic monitoring platform

Practicing strategic monitoring is a competitive advantage and interests economic and public actors alike. But the information sources are multiple: news websites, social networks, patent databases, etc.  Monitoring the news requires to automatically process large volumes of information in different languages in order to generate alerts or write reports on the evolution of a situation. We present a monitoring platform that collects, analyzes and explores the different information flows.

MIC Project: Multimodal transportation: contribution of simulations to optimize and operate a complex system

ELA Project: Computer vision: transition to the embedded system

In an automotive world transformed by ADAS (advanced driver support systems), especially camera based, the transition to the embedded systems is one of the key steps to the final integration of image processing algorithms. Mastering the cost explosion of design/validation. Creating the platforms and technological tools of tomorrow. These are the challenges of the ELA project (Automotive Electronics and Software) in a context of evolution of terrestrial mobility boosted by the arrival of autonomous and connected vehicles.

The strike force of the IRTs, two years after!

  • 210 industrial members including nearly 150 technology SMEs
  • 90 academic members
  • 120 research projects launched
  • 50 structural facilities, platforms and test facilities
  • 1000 employees
  • € 2.5 billion budget from now to 2020



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