SystemX and its partners have provided access to a unique open source dataset of more than 100,000 real images illustrating the different classes of French railway traffic lights, their colour combinations, and the associated manual qualifications.

This is a groundbreaking initiative in the field of the autonomous train: SystemX and its partners SNCF, Alstom and Systra have shared, at the end of their work on automating the observation functions of the Autonomous Train, the largest open source data set on French railway traffic lights, called FRSign. More than 100,000 real high-definition images extracted from a dataset of several million images have been made available to the scientific community. This new source of field data can be used to test deep learning algorithms, particularly those dedicated to image classification or the detection of objects in images.
These images are the result of driving sessions carried out on the same lane for two years and have all been manually annotated. They illustrate six types of French rail traffic lights and their pos-sible colour combinations (thirteen states), as well as informa-tion concerning their acquisition (date, time, sensor parameters and delimitation frames, etc.).
This massive dataset was built up as part of a SystemX R&D pro-ject, the main objective of which was to define the state of the art for automating the observation functions of a rolling stock driver. This two-year project was part of the SNCF’s Automatic Train project.

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