Thesis Day, organized by IRT SystemX and the IPVF and Efficacity institutes, brought together 70 participants on November 23 for a day dedicated to the work of doctoral students!
The day’s program included a keynote address by Olivier de Lagarde (Collège de Paris), pitches by doctoral students on their thesis work, a poster session and a round-table discussion on the advantages of doing a thesis at an IRT or ITE.


Aftermovie of the event


Keynote, Olivier de Lagarde (Collège de Paris): Utiliser l’IA générative dans un travail de recherche


Doctoral student pitches

  • Gayane Taturyan (IRT SystemX / programme  : Fairness and Robustness in Machine Learning


  • Arthur Ledaguenel (IRT SystemX, projet SMD – Sémantiques Métier pour l’exploitation de Données multi-sources) : Semantic Conditioning at Inference: Improving Neural-based Systems with Logical Background Knowledge


  • Keren Saint Hilaire (IRT SystemX / Chaire CRITiCAL – Polytechnique Montréal) : Génération Dynamique de Graphe d’Attaque et de Remédiation


  • Jiahao Zhang (IRT SystemX, projet TAM – Trusted Autonomous Mobility) : Misbehavior Detection for Cooperative Perception in C-ITS


  • Chunxiao Wang (institut Efficacity) : Développement d’une méthode de validation d’outils de simulation de courbes de charges électriques et thermiques à l’échelle de quartiers


  • Lise Watrin (institut IPVF) : Study of III-V thin films grown by Remote Plasma CVD Towards a reduction in solar cell industrialisation costs


  • Joseph Chakar (institut IPVF) : Better Understanding Photovoltaic Degradation Through Physics Modeling & Machine Learning


  • Adrien Le Coz (IRT SystemX – programme : Expression and Validation of an Operational Domain by Corner Cases for Computer Vision Applications


  • Abdelmouaiz Tebjou (IRT SystemX – programme : Data-Driven Reachability using Christoffel Functions and Conformal Prediction


  • Lu Wang (Institut IPVF) : Prospective Life Cycle Assessment of Emerging Photovoltaic Technologies


  • Lakshman Srinivasan (Institut IPVF) : Reactive sputtering deposition of GaN thin films on Silicon substrates


  • Juan Pablo Medina Flechas (Institut IPVF) : Degradation Mechanisms of Perovskite Solar Cells and Mini-modules: Methodologies & Phenomenological Models


Awards ceremony

The prize for best presentation went to Arthur Ledaguenel (IRT SystemX), Lise Watrin (IPVF), Adrien Le Coz (IRT SystemX) and Joseph Chakar (IPVF), and the prize for best poster to Guillem Álvarez Pérez (IPVF), Lucas Schott (IRT SystemX) and Pol Labarbarie (IRT SystemX). Congratulations to all!


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