A successful outcome for SystemX: its multi-partner model and co-location of resources has enabled unique technological advances to emerge in digital systems engineering. At the end of its first three-year phase, the IRT has set itself a three-fold goal for the 2016-2020 period: develop 4 major research programmes, extend the use of the 7 platforms created within it and increase its international standing.
SystemX is ending its first three-year phase having developed unique expertise and technological foundations via 17 research projects co-locating on its site and involving 58 industrial and 14 academic partners. Recognised as an accelerator of the digital transformation, the IRT intends to continue its development, providing answers to four major societal and economic issues, requiring major technological and scientific breakthroughs in the engineering of complex systems.

“In line with the Plans of the government’s Nouvelle France Industrielle, the 17 projects within the IRT have led to the consolidation of a digital engineering systems skills base and the creation of leading-edge technological platforms. Our ambition for the 2016-2020 phase is to develop market-oriented applications and practices to help industrialists with the digital transformation of their businesses and products”, Eric Perrin-Pelletier explained.

The first goal of the 2016-2020 road map is therefore to meet the challenges faced by the industrialists in the design, modelling, simulation and testing phases of future innovations that include increasing amounts of digital technologies, through four programmes:

  • Systems Engineering: Developing collaborative engineering methods, processes and software tools for complex systems, in the context of the extended enterprise by harnessing the potential of digital technologies.
  • Autonomous Transport: Developing new secured and safe architectures for autonomous vehicles and transport systems, integrating new uses, critical onboard systems, infrastructure evolution and their interactions.
  • Smart Territories: Developing tools for assisting decision-making for the optimisation and operational planning of territorial development using data gathering and analysis.
  • Digital Infrastructure: Developing the algorithms, protocols and architectures on which tomorrow’s digital infrastructures will depend – the foundations of the digital transformation.



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