The IRT SystemX and Krono-Safe are joining forces to launch the “Krono-Safe@SystemX” laboratory to expand research in the field of real-time operating systems and formal methods

SystemX, the only Technological Research Institute in Ile-de-France dedicated to the digital engineering systems of the future, and Krono-Safe, a software publisher specialised in real-time operating systems, have signed a joint contract to carry out research in the field of real-time operating systems and formal methods.

Real-time operating systems, mainly used in the transport, energy and security industries are systems which are designed to operate in an environment subject to time constraints. A real time system must therefore operate reliably under specific time constraints. In other words, it must be able to satisfactorily process information received at well-defined time intervals.

Eric Perrin-Pelletier, CEO of the IRT SystemX and Didier Roux, CEO of Krono-Safe are therefore combining their efforts to develop the technologies required to meet the challenges posed by formal methods considered to be of key importance for the automotive, aeronautics, railway and industrial equipment markets, which integrate them into the development processes of their embedded systems. This contributes to the control of industrial and technological risks and helps to ensure absolute safety in operation, greater reliability and lower costs



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