The AFIS (Association Française de l’Ingénierie Système), the INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering), IRT SystemX and the ENSTA ParisTech brought European Systems Engineering experts together for the first time.

The workshop programme, over two days (7 and 8 October), comprised 12 thematic workshops: Model Based Systems Engineering; Architecture; Requirements & Ontology;  Integration, Verification, Transition & Validation; Systems of Systems; Engineering and PLM; Systems Engineering Research & innovation; Systems Engineering for Very Small Entities; Human Factors and Systems Engineering; Infrastructure; Product-Line Systems Engineering; Systems Engineering Skills and Competency.


“IRT SystemX, a member of the AFIS, is an institute at the heart of Systems Engineering and digital transformation.  This workshop offered our institute a unique opportunity to associate our activities with the strategic plan of the AFIS members. Bringing together all European systems engineering experts at the IRT SystemX has allowed us to open our doors to new industry players, who are potentially future partners in our R&D projects,” said Eric Perrin-Pelletier, CEO of IRT SystemX.


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