On May 11 2017, the Anthropolis and MADP Chairs joined to organize a colloquium on the topic of Smart Urban Mobility at IRT SystemX. Over 50 participants discovered the new innovative products and services in urban mobility, and their implications for public law.

The day offered a number of key moments. François Stephan, SystemX Deputy CEO – International and Development, first introduced the event. He noted that the world of mobility is very complex and requires dialogue between the experts in social sciences, law, economics and systems engineering: this is what the Anthropolis and MADP Chairs propose.

Jakob Puchinger, holder of the Anthropolis chair (IRT SystemX/CentraleSupélec), took the floor to present this chair which places humans at the heart of new usages and mobilities in urban territory.

A presentation of the MADP Chair (Changes in public action and legislation) at Sciences Po, which has devoted most of its work to the subject of the Smart City, was then given by its director, Jean-Bernard Auby.

Katja Schechtner (MIT, ADB, TU Wien) then discussed the event keynote, the use of Big Data in Asian cities.

The morning ended with a panel discussion hosted by Patrice Aknin (Scientific Director, IRT SystemX). Four speakers explained their vision of digital transformation of mobility systems:

  • Véronique Berthault, Director of the autonomous vehicle research and innovation program, RATP
  • Arnaud Julien, Director, Innovation and Digital, Keolis
  • Thomas Baudel, Research, IBM France Lab
  • Antoine Courmont, Scientific director, Cities and digital Chair, Sciences Po

A second panel discussion hosted by Charles Kremer (Director, Intelligent Territories program, IRT SystemX), was then held at 2 pm. Four experts discussed how mobility is transformed into a service

  • Bruno Faivre d’Arcier, Emeritus professor, Space and Urbanism, Faculté de Sciences Economiques et de Gestion, Université Lumière Lyon 2
  • Jean Coldefy, Independent expert, In charge of digital mobility at Transdev
  • Frédérique Ville, Managing director, idVroom, SNCF
  • Bertrand Billoud, Head of communication, KISIO

The last panel discussion of the day, hosted by Danière Bourcier (Research director, CERSA-CNRS), dealt with the user of mobility services in intelligent cities. Three speakers shared their knowledge and experience on this subject:

  • Régis Chatellier, In charge of prospective studies, CNIL
  • Jean Del Goleto, Assistant director for “jobs and citizens’ relationships” at Berger-Levrault
  • Ghislain Delabie, OuiShare

Jakob Puchinger and Jean-Bernard Auby concluded the day by summarizing all the contributions on social, economic and legal issues and placing the challenges for tomorrow’s mobility in a new perspective

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