In order to broaden the scientific scope of its research work, IRT SystemX has launched the new exploratory research facility. These projects, at the initiative of the institute’s research engineers and with their own funds, offer the possibility of carrying out upstream research on subjects of the future in collaboration with excellent academic partners.
In 2020, 9 exploratory research projects have been launched :
  • Kahina Amokrane, Virgil Rousseaux , “Human Factor in Systems Engineering (HF & SI)”. Partner laboratory: LGI – CentraleSupélec
  • Francesca Bassi, “Smart Radio with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (SmaRIS)”. Partner laboratory: L2S – CentraleSupélec
  • Ines Ben Jemaa, “How can Vehicular Edge Computing reinforce vehicular privacy-preserving?”. Partner laboratory: Ulm University
  • Makhlouf Hadji, Thomas Wouters, “IoT with Fog Computing (IFC)”. Partner laboratories: – L2S – CentraleSupélec, School of Computer Science and Engineering – NTU Singapore
  • Hatem Hajri, Hadi Zaatiti, “Machine learning with hyperbolic neural networks. Partner laboratories: LIP6 – Sorbonne Université, Dept. of Statistics – Stanford University
  • Cristian Maxim, “A safe and secure communication protocol for a drone use case”. Partner laboratory: Equipe Kopernic – Inria Paris
  • Kalpana Singh, “Post-Quantum Cryptographic Primitives”. Partner laboratories: Samovar – Télécom SudParis, Equipe pir2 – Inria Paris, Dept. Computer Science – Université du Luxembourg, Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering – City University of London
  • Jeremy Sobieraj, Martin Boyer, Théo Chelim, “Hybridization of cybersecurity and safety for the validation of the autonomous vehicle”. Partner laboratory: LAAS – CNRS
  • Reda Yaich, Mohamed Ibn Kheder, Pierre-Marie Bajan, “Improving the Resilience of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to attacks by adverse patterns using defense mechanisms”. Partner laboratory: Samovar – Télécom SudParis


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