SystemX reveals its CHESS platform at the heart of the digital and cybersecurity battle: it is a platform for simulation and analysis that will enable assessment of systems architectures

SystemX has developed unique technical expertise and facilities via its research projects that bring together industrial and academic partners in the same premises. Under its strategic plan for 2016-2020, the goal is to extend the use of the technological platforms it has created and increase its international reputation by developing four main research programs (systems engineering, autonomous transport, intelligent territories and trust-based Internet).

“The technological platforms that have been implemented at SystemX contribute to the collaborative efficiency of its programs by offering them an array of services and technical means already available (equipment, algorithms, software modules, methodologies, tooled processes etc.) and accelerating technological transfer for our partners”, declared Bruno Foyer, Platforms Director at SystemX. “These platforms enable us to foster collaboration between projects, help with re-using assets and providing logical technical and software infrastructure”.


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