SystemX is to launch the PST (Transport Systems Performances) project, which will address two industrial fields:  terrestrial (or rail) guided transport and aeronautics. Traditionally, these two sectors share a culture of system safety and operation, with life cycles of several decades.

Improving functional and non functional performances in tomorrow’s transport systems via shared digital designs

The purpose of the PST project is to identify the possible synergies and common points between the two industrial sectors of rail transport and aeronautics. The idea is to supply system and software engineering methodologies and embedded technological bricks which will help to improve system operating performances and increase the competitive edge of tomorrow’s transport systems.

“For this project the goal is to qualify the system components in terms of performance – operating capacity, reactiveness, availability and safety – and enhance digital models so that the performances of the whole system can be best predicted right from the design and system architecture phases”, explains Paul Labrogère, Director of the Autonomous Transport Program at IRT SystemX.


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