SystemX presented its EIC project and its CHESS platform at the eighth International Cybersecurity Forum on 25 and 26 January 2016 in Lille.

François Stephan, Director for Development and International affairs at SystemX, participated in a workshop on “Security in Intelligent Transport: challenges and solutions”, on Tuesday 26 January at 3.45 pm.
Because cybersecurity is at the heart of digital mutation of tomorrow’s systems, SystemX is quite naturally present at the FIC salon, the reference European show that brings together all the players in trust-based IT.

“By means of our EIC, project, we have listed the needs of our industrial partners in the security of systems and future solutions that they are developing (Intelligent City, Smart Grids, Connected and Autonomous vehicles, Connected health, Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud etc.), that require complex choices between ease of use, cost of security, safe operation, compliance with constantly changing digital law and understanding and anticipation of the market and its players”, said Philippe Wolf, head of the EIC project at SystemX.


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