Design tools for the “vehicle architect” and “model-based” multidisciplinary collaboration methods for the engineering of future vehicles.

The SIM project has been launched in June 2013 in order to imagine the tools of the “product architect” and the methods of “model-based” multidisciplinary collaboration for the engineering of future products (hybrid cars, more electric aircrafts) that respond to environmental, energy efficiency, comfort and passenger safety issues.



SIM Project’s publications

Dimensionnement optimal de machines synchrones sur cycle de fonctionnement pour des applications de véhicules hybrides

S. Küttler, K. El Kadri Benkara, G. Friedrich, A. Abdelli, F. Vangraefschèpe SGE, EJEE – 2014

Architecture framework associated to vehicle architecture definition

M. Chen, O. Hammami, M. Callot 4th International Engineering Systems Symposium – 2014

S. Küttler, K. El Kadri Benkara, G. Friedrich, A. Abdelli, F. Vangraefschèpe Electrimacs (conference), IMACS – 2014

Impact of the field weakening on the iron losses in the stator of an internal permanent magnet synchronous machine

S. Küttler, K. El Kadri Benkara, G. Friedrich, A. Abdelli, F. Vangraefschèpe ECCE conference – 2014

Introduction of Geometrical Contraints Modeling in SysML for Mechatronic Design

Romain Barbedienne, Olivia Penas, Jean-Yves Choley, Alain Rivière, Aude Warniez, Francesco Della Monica 10th France - Japan Congress – 2014

An Overview Of Collaborative Simulation On Design Process

L. Roa Castro, J. Stal-Le Cardinal 10th international workshop on integrated design engineering ide workshop – 2014

A business process modelling approach for collaborative modelling & simulation problems

L. Roa Castro, J. Stal-Le Cardinal GUC Innovative Workshop – 2014

A System Engineering Conception of Multi-objective Optimization for Multi-physics System

Mian Chen and Omar Hammami Multipysics Modelling and Simulation for Systems Design Conference – 2014

Concevoir des systèmes complexes grâce à la simulation : la quête du projet SIM

Laurent Gasser Journée d'étude SIA "La simulation numérique pour la décision en ingénierie des systèmes complexes"– 2015

Organiser la conception guidée par la simulation dans un contexte collaboratif et multidisciplinaire. Étude de case de couplage aérothermique 0D-2D

Laurent Gasser Journée NAFEMS, "La simulation des systèmes" – 2015

Systemic a priori patterns

Laurent Gasser IARIA Patterns15 – 2015

TheReSE : SysML Extension for Thermal Modeling

Romain Barbedienne, Olivia Penas, Jean-Yves Choley, Laurent Gasser SysCon conference – 2015

Towards an actor based design for a collaborative modelling and simulation system

L. Roa Castro, J. Stal-Le Cardinal Puresafe Conference – 2015

De l’architecture de De la spécification des modèles à la simulation numérique : application à l'optimisation du réseau de bord d'un véhicule hybride

Gauthier Fontaine, Mouadh Yagoubi NAFEMS- 2016

Multi-objective Optimization of Automotive Electrical/Energy Storage System

Gauthier Fontaine, Omar Hammami IEEE International conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT) - 2016

Simulation model backbone generation through Model Identity Card graph representation

Gauthier Fontaine, Omar Hammami CESUN conference - 2016

Adapting PLM Indexation to Simulation Architects with Model Identity Cards

Laurent Gasser Workshop i.PLM'16 du 5 avril 2016, IUT Montreuil - 2016

Project timeline

Badge Industry of the future
Industry of the future
Project Status:État du projet : Completed
Industrial partner(s):Partenaire(s) industriel(s) :
Airbus Defence & Space (ex-EADS Astrium) Airbus Group (ex-EADS) ANSYS-Esterel Technologies Renault
Academic Partner(s)Partenaire(s) académique(s)
CentraleSupélec ENSTA ParisTech Supméca IRT SystemX
Project Manager(s)Chef(s) de projet
Yves Baudier


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