Project description

AWARE2ALL aims to pave the way towards Highly Automated Vehicles (HAVs) deployment in traffic, by effectively addressing the changes in road safety and changes in the interaction of different road users. 



Launched in November 2022, for 36 months, AWARE2ALL aims to pave the way towards the deployment of Highly-Automated Vehicles (HAVs) in traffic, by effectively addressing the changes in road safety and changes in the interaction of different road users.  

IRT SystemX is leader of task 3.4 – Adaptative Multimodal HMI – which aims to define the concept for the HMI (Human Machine Interface) inside the ego vehicle. It is based on the notion of cognitive augmentation, where occupants are permanently cognitively augmented, in an adaptive and context-dependent way, in terms of situation awareness, intentions and behaviour. For each occupant, situation and role specific cognitive targets will be determined (e.g., needed situation awareness). The task will develop HMI and interior designs and experiences for each role and will provide adaptations depending on occupant states to provide the requested cognitive augmentation and keep the occupants in a safe and adequate state depending on the role. 

Innovations and features coming from other tasks such as innovative Active Safety and Ego-motion prediction will be integrated by partners into the driving simulator of SystemX, offering together a demonstration platform for the project. 

Aware2All Project is funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Program (Grant Agreement n° 861570).

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Expected results

  • Contribute to cognitive workload in real-time 
  • Design a multimodal HMI with situation awareness 
  • Demonstrate results in the driving simulator of SystemX 

Implemented skills

Systems Engineering
Human-machine interaction

Targeted markets

  • Automotive
Badge European projectBadge Mobility and autonomous transport
European project
Mobility and autonomous transport
Project Status:État du projet : Launched
Industrial partner(s):Partenaire(s) industriel(s) :
Academic Partner(s)Partenaire(s) académique(s)
Vicomtech DLR CEA TNO CERTH THI Tecnalia
Project Manager(s)Chef(s) de projet
Nicolas Heulot


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