As the result of five years of collaboration with nine industrial and academic partners, CHESS is a platform dedicated to the development, evaluation and integration of cyber security solutions for hyper connected computer and cyber-physical systems.

The Institute and its partners (CEA, Télécom SudParis/Institut Mines-Telecom, Airbus, Airbus Defence & Space, Berlin IT, Engie, Gemalto, Prove&Run, Thales) have developed, in collaboration with ANSSI, a “secure and trusted” envrionment dedicated to the integration, evaluation and reinforcement of the cyberse-curity of the systems of the future (connected vehicles, industrial IoTs, smart grids, etc.), during advanced scenarios. Named CHESS2, this platform offers a complete hardware and software environment for analysing the future systems, identifying security flaws, modelling and simulating attacks and testing protection strategies and innovative defence technologies (moving target defence, segmentation, isolation, authentification, homomorphic encryption, etc).
Certified by the CoFIS, it also offers a rich catalogue of cyber attacks on IT (Infomation Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) networks, as well as an environment dedicated to cyber awareness and training. The CHESS platform is also the venue for the ANSSI’s national selection to represent France in the European Cyber Security Challenge, organised each year by the European Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA). The platform is also made available to companies as part of their mission to raise awareness and train their employees in cyber risks.
CHESS aims at becoming a French reference platform in industrial cybersecurity. Constantly enriched by new building blocks, which may take the form of software, attack scenarios, life generators or detection tools, and fed by SystemX projects, the platform aims at build-ing a range of services dedicated to cybersecurity and open to all in order to encourage the sharing of expertise and knowledge between industrialists and academics.

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