IRT SystemX and prostep ivip have joined forces and are happy to release a common set of core simulation metadata, based on their exchanges with different organizations. IRT SystemX and prostep ivip have benefited from their capacity to organize collaborative industrial projects in France and Germany, respectively.

Characterizing simulation

Characterizing simulation models with a list of key information is a frequent and critical challenge, from model specification to model reuse, model integration, model validation, model traceability or model exchange.

Clear and standard information accelerates processes and avoids model misuses, in particular for activities across multiple organizations. Such information is necessary to all tools aiming at better digital continuity and automation. It must cover various aspects, from simulation needs to modelling choices and administrative data.

IRT SystemX and prostep ivip, associated in a Memorandum of Understanding since 2016, share the conviction that the different solutions to characterize simulation models should have a common core of key information to maximize their impact in tool development and greatly improve interoperability.

A common solution

Called “MIC Core”, the common set of core simulation metadata builds on the notion of “Model Identity Card” (MIC).

Link to the specification of the MIC Core :

SystemX and prostep ivip’s work continues with additional organizations such as JAMBE and Jama (two large Japanese automotive organizations) as well as IDTA. Any standard on simulation metadata can adopt, extend, or refine the MIC Core. Whether you work on such standard or are simply interested in this topic, please contact us (see contact details below).


Alignment of Metadata standards for simulation models to MIC-Core

At IRT SystemX, this work is being carried out in the context of the AFS project whose objective is to improve model exchange and model fidelity.

An on-going collaboration with AFNeT aims at developing related standards in international organizations such as ISO.


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