Jakob Puchinger, Project Manager at IRT SystemX ran a seminar on December 8 in SystemX’s premises on the following topic: “Integrating Electric Vehicles in Existing Fleets”.


Current goals of reducing local and global emissions increase the popularity of electric vehicles. Furthermore a growing number of companies are considering to change their vehicle fleet and their company car policies. These sometimes fundamental changes pose multiple strategic and operational planning challenges.

In a first part we will examine the strategic problem of integrating electric vehicles into an existing fleet in a corporate environment. Based on historic and estimated mobility demand as well as on scenarios for the future development of prices and the availability of recharging infrastructure our method is able to propose plans for buying and selling conventional and electric vehicles. The bi-objective approach allows to take decisions based the trade-off between CO2 emissions and cost.

In the second part of the talk we will examine various operational problems and challenges related to electric vehicle routing and tour planning. We will first introduce models and methods for vehicle routing and allocation problems for heterogeneous fleets including recharging operations. We then look at an extension of our method considering geographical driving restrictions based on vehicle propulsion types, e.g. city center restrictions.


Jakob Puchinger is senior scientist with the Institute for Technological Research SystemX (IRT SystemX) and Professor and SystemX-CentraleSupélec Anthropolis Chair holder at CentraleSupélec (Université Paris-Saclay).

Before coming to Paris, Jakob Puchinger was head of the business unit Dynamic Transportation Systems at the Mobility Department of the Austrian Institute of Technology where he was leading a team of 40 researchers developing solutions to better understand and steadily improve dynamic transport systems.

After completing his doctoral studies at the TU Vienna in 2006, Jakob Puchinger worked at the NICTA Research Centre at the University of Melbourne. He joined the Austrian Institute of Technology in 2008. Until his nomination as Head of Business Unit in 2014, he was a Senior Scientist focusing on research in transport optimization and logistics, authoring more than 30 scientific publications. Jakob Puchinger additionally held a position as external lecturer at TU Vienna, regularly offering a course on optimization methods for transport logistics.

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