The new S2C project between the two R&T institutes aims to define processes in implementing and maintaining consistency for the data exchanged between the system architecture design teams and the safety analysis teams.

The IRT Saint Exupéry and SystemX are once again combining their expertise in an ambitious project, S2C (System & Safety Continuity), for a period of 48 months. This project, piloted by Saint Exupéry, meets the need – expressed by several industrial players in the aeronautics sector – to define a methodological co-engineering framework for systems and subsystems architecture design as well as for safety analysis, while ensuring consistency between these two engineering models (MBSE and MBSA).

Its ambition: to propose an efficient process and tool methods to ensure the construction and maintenance of data consistency between the systems architecture and safety analyses, while taking particularly into account the regulatory constraints linked to certification (ARP4754A and ARP4761). This co-engineering process will make it possible to integrate the various constraints of those activities as early as possible in the development cycle, to improve the iterative processes and the updates of the safety and / or system models. It will define, among other things, the links and exchanges between system models (MBSE for Model-Based Systems Engineering) and safety models (MBSA for Model-Based Safety Assessment). It will be validated through an environment equipped with co-engineering which will ensure the consistency of the models from both points of view and at all levels of system decomposition.

The S2C project brings together industrial partners (Airbus Defense and Space, Dassault Aviation, Liebherr, Thales, Safran), as well as the DGA, support companies (APSYS, LGM, Samares Engineering) and academic partners (IRIT, LAAS-CNRS, ONERA, Supméca).

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