SystemX provided support to Faurecia, a global player in the automotive industry, to improve its method of detecting biometric parameters of vehicle occupants using innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Traditional biometric parameter detection solutions based on their worth in controlled environments (static. such as medical environments, for example) but are less effective when used in a disturbed and noisy environment, especially one that is in motion. The number of sources and the diversity of the types of disturbances present in a car interior make the search for solutions by signal processing complex. IRT SystemX therefore exploited AI technologies to offer an innovative alternative solution to Faurecia. Based on a principle of learning and adaptation, AI makes it possible to search for cases at the margin that cannot be dealt with by conventional deterministic solutions. The institute has developed a dual approach to analysing the performance and causes of malfunctioning of the classic solution operated by Faurecia, with a parallel exploration of machine learning-based solutions. This solution can currently be industrialised and integrated in real conditions on vehicles.

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