Anaïs Ottino, Julien Le Duigou, Thomas Vosgien, Nicolas Figay, Pascal Lardeur, Benoit Eynard


In industry, the  time  allocated to the simulationprocess is  often focused on the pretreatment phase. Therefore, in order to optimize the modeling and simulation activities,  the created  numerical models need  to  be  reused. According  to extended  enterprise  and  Product  Lifecycle  Management  (PLM) approaches,  the  numerical  models  come  from various  partners  and are  created  from heterogeneous tools. To reuse these numerical models, it is necessary to capitalize the simulation data in accordance with a common standardized  and structured  format.  Based  on  a  Simulation  Lifecycle  Management (SLM) approach and a Verification & Validation methodology, this paper proposes a framework and a process to enable the reuse of simulation models.


Simulation numérique / vérification&validation / réutilisation


22ème Congrès Français de Mécanique

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