Since the appearance of Bitcoin in 2009, a plethora of new cryptocurrencies and other blockchain based systems have been deployed with different success.

While some of them are slightly different copies of Bitcoin, other ones propose interesting improvements or new usages of the underlying blockchain technology. However, the novelty of such technologies is often tied with rapid developments and proof-of-concept software, and rigorous scientific analyses of the proposed systems are often skipped.

This workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers in this area to carefully analyze current systems and propose new ones in order to create a scientific background for a solid development of new cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology systems.


The main topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Anonymity and privacy in cryptocurrencies.
  • Privacy-preserving technologies.
  • Cryptocurrency based trust systems.
  • Security analysis of existing cryptocurrencies.
  • Formal threat models in cryptocurrency systems.
  • Improvement proposals for existing cryptocurrencies.
  • P2P network cryptocurrencies analysis.
  • Private transactions in blockchain based systems.
  • Consensus mechanisms: proof-of-work, proof of stake, proof of burn, proof-of-useful-work.
  • New usages of the blockchain technology.
  • Scalability solutions for blockchain systems.
  • Smart contracts.

The call for papers is opened until July 25!

Khalifa Toumi (Research Engineer, IRT SystemX) is a member of the program committee.



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