Workshop organizers

Ines Ben Jemaa, IRT SystemX, France, ines.ben-jemaa[at]
Brigitte Lonc, Renault, France, brigitte.lonc[at]
Arnaud Kaiser, IRT SystemX, France, arnaud.kaiser[at]

Members of the Technical Program Committee

Andre Weismerkirch, Lear Corporation, USA
Anis Laouiti, IMT, France
Arnaud Kaiser, IRT SystemX, France
Aymen Boudguiga, CEA, France
Benedikt Brecht, CAMP, Volkswagen, USA
Brigitte Lonc, Renault, France
Farah Haidar, Renault, France
Hichem Sedjelmaci, Orange, France
Houda Labiod, IMT, France
Ines Ben Jemaa, IRT SystemX, France
Jonathan Petit, On Board Security, USA
Joseph Kamel, IRT SystemX, France
Mounira Msahli, IMT, France
Nouha Oualha, CEA, France
Paul Muhlethaler, Inria, France
Reza Samavi, Mc Master, Canada
Gianmarco Baldini, European Commission
Mohamed Hadded, Vedecom, France
Mohammad Khodaei, KTH, Sweden
Rens W. van der Heijden Ulm University, Germany
Pierpaolo Cincilla, Renault, France


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