Additive Manufacturing: SystemX launches the WAS project

Launched as part of the IRT SystemX partnership with the Additive Factory Hub (ADH), the WAS (Wire Additive manufacturing process Simulation) project looks at the optimisation of control strategies for the manufacturing process by robotic metal-wire deposition.

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IRT & ITE Forum

Since 2013, the Technological Research Institutes (IRT) meet each year during the IRT Forum to present their results and major success to their partners, guardianship, staff and institutions.

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[My PhD thesis in 3 years] Interview with Abood Mourad

Abood Mourad joined SystemX in 2016 to work on a thesis dedicated to the synchronization of passenger and freight flows in urban areas. He revisits his thesis that he completed within the Anthropolis Chair carried by the IRT SystemX and CentraleSupélec.

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