Today, players of the automotive industry are faced with a major challenge: how can the safety of a transport system be demonstrated in an open environment, given the infinity of situations encountered and regardless of the level of driving assistance? In order to offer a solution to this issue, SystemX is contributing – by relying on the MOSAR platform – to the ADScene initiative to provide a unique methodology and tooled suite to design and validate the security of the automated vehicle.


One ambition: develop a state-of-the-art operational library of scenarios in response to the expectations of industrial players and regulatory authorities

The global ecosystem of the automotive industry relies on a multitude of scenarios, stemming from driving data, accidentology statistics and expert reports, to design, validate and accredit the operational safety of automated driving systems. ADScene combines the expectations of the automotive sector and of regulation authorities by adopting a state-of-the-art approach combined with a common library of scenarios exploitable by all players involved in the construction, security demonstration, and definition of a ratified automated vehicle.
More specifically, ADScene encompasses a library of SAAS (software as a service) scenarios which provide tools to assess and validate the operational safety of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD).


The added value of IRT SystemX: innovative technological bricks to design and validate the safety of the autonomous vehicle

The ADScene initiative relies namely on the industrialisation of the MOSAR platform – and in particular on its “Scenario Manager” module – developed by IRT SystemX.
Its purpose: to build a library of exhaustive scenarios for the design, validation and accreditation of automated driving systems. Thanks to its high precision and applicability, MOSAR Scenario Manager provides ADScene with all its driving, accidentology and expertise data.
The IRT SystemX teams also contribute their expertise in the field of operational safety of automated driving systems to all the stakeholders of the ADScene initiative to accelerate its deployment within the automotive industry.

MOSAR, the result of a collaborative R&D approach led for close to 10 years

Consolidated and enriched since 2015 within the framework of 5 R&D projects (SVA, SVR, 3SA, ASV et CVH), the MOSAR platform benefits from both national and international recognition, namely through:

  • Key participation to the SAM project by capitalizing on the knowledge stemming from the 13 trials carried out on open roads, in city centres and in suburban areas;
  • Collaboration projects with the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) and the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI);
  • Proposals for regulation recommendations to demonstrate the safety of autonomous mobility destined for the French Directorate-General of Transport infrastructure and Mobility (DGITM) and the PFA (Plateforme automobile – Automotive platform).

SystemX launched the CVH project in 2023 to pursue the development of its MOSAR platform and support the ADScene initiative in its development.


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