SystemX places security, availability and user experience at the heart of its “Autonomous Transport” program, and has developed new architectures integrating new usages, critical embedded systems and infrastructure changes.

Security of embedded intelligence in autonomous transport

The “Autonomous Transport” program will enable all the players in the transport sector to integrate digital technology into their products and systems, using new secure, safe architectures taking account of new usages, critical embedded systems and infrastructures.

“With its new plan for 2016-¬2020, SystemX has confirmed its position in the field of digital technologies serving industry, to enable increased competitiveness. With its four programs, SystemX has opted for a market-oriented approach and thus covers industrial challenges in design and control of products and services – Systems Engineering, Autonomous Transport systems and Smart Territories – in an overall context of secure interconnections (Internet of Trust)”, declared Eric Perrin-¬‐Pelletier, the CEO of SystemX


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