Stephan Haar (Inria) a animé un Seminar@SystemX le 9 septembre sur le thème :

« Analyse causale dans les systèmes à événements discrets »


Résumé (in anglais)

We take a look at  the notion of causal description and explanation in concurrent discrete event systems. The guiding question is how the use of occurrence nets allows to go beyond chronological ordering in monitoring behaviour and to extract what really led, or even caused, what was registered about a real process. The talk will discuss tasks such as observing, discovering, diagnosing and testing with causal precedence ordering, in a common formal frameworkof Petri nets.

Biographie (en anglais)

Stefan Haar studied Mathematics, Philosophy and Computer science at Hamburg U/Germany and at Johns Hopkins University, USA. He did PhD in Computer science Hamburg University in 1997; after a postdoctoral period at Humboldt University of Berlin, INRIA Nancy and ENS Paris, he joined INRIA Rennes as a research scientist in 2001. After a visiting position at Ottawa University/CA in 2007 and another with ALCATEL-Lucent/Bell Labs at Ottawa, he  moved to the INRIA Saclay center in 2008 and founded the MExICo team at ENS Cachan. His  « habilitation » was completed in 2008. Stefan’s research concerns, mostly,  Petri net theory, in particular occurrence nets,  Process Mining,   Diagnosis and Diagnosability,  and formal methods for biology.

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