Aurelien Carlier (Renault & Technological Research Institute SystemX), Alix Munier Kordon (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), Witold Klaudel (Renault SAS)


Carsharing systems have garnered increasing attention since they are now recognised as innovative and ecological solutions to transportation issues. This paper deals with optimal dimensioning of a one-way carsharing system including vehicle relocation operations. Using mathematical programming, we propose and experiment a simple linear model based on integer flow variables. This model is organized around three optimization criteria: maximize the total number of requested demands and minimize the total number of vehicles and relocation operations. From random generated benchmarks, we study the scalability of our method and we show that computation times remain reasonable even for realistic size instances.


One-way carsharing / Operational research / Carsharing demand generation


Proceedings of 10th Internation Conference on Modeling, Optimization and Simulation, Nancy, France 5 au 7 novembre 2014, 2014

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