Makhlouf Hadji, Paul Labrogère (IRT SystemX)


Servers consolidation (or Repacking) in clouds, consists to reassign services to physical servers, in order to efficiently reduce cost and improve infrastructure utilization. A smart placement of virtual resources is not enough to ensure system efficiency. This paper presents a novel and original online linear programming algorithm, based on b-matching theory, to optimally solve the consolidation problem with negligible SLA violations. To totally eliminate SLA violations, and to deal with dynamic workloads variations, we determine the optimal amount of a resource pool used to handle with over-used servers problem. We derive a solution whose performance is compared to a Best-Fit and a Bin-Packing formulation acting as benchmarks. Reported performance results show that the b-matching algorithm scale well and trade-off the number of migrations and servers to find optimal solutions. The b-matching uses fewer migrations but more servers to reduce SLA violations and resource pool utilization in the same time.


Cloud SLA / Resource Pool / Optimization


In proceeding of ICCCRI 2014

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