SystemX’s technological skills are organised around three domains representing different areas of expertise. Because SystemX’s communities combine transversal skills and harness them to the institute’s R&D projects over their lifecycles, they foster mutualization and valorization of the research.

3 areas of expertise:

  • Resources and Infrastructures: defines SystemX’s information system strategy, particularly relating to big data management in the cloud and computing capacities, and makes the associated resources available.
  • Architecture and Software integration: designs and integrates service-oriented software architectures of the proofs of concept studied within R&D projects, with a view to sharing and reusing them on the Institute’s platforms to facilitate transfer to partners.
  • Data, UX and Interaction: studies, designs and develops sector-specific use cases and proof-of-concept interactions, giving priority to the user experience to help research projects and partners to extract value from data and algorithms through use and form.







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