Project description

Adressing the complexity of the cybersecurity requirements in the ports of tomorrow.

Ports play a key role in the French economy, in terms of goods transport: 74% of out-of-EU goods arrive on our territory via the main ports. It should be noted that a 54% increase in the goods handled in EU ports is expected by 2030. Maritime infrastructures are currently undergoing a digital transformation and have consequently become increasingly vulnerable. Once isolated, the control and command systems that regulate many critical infrastructures are now open to other information systems (IS) and the growing need for data feedback to the IS means that the isolation of industrial networks may no longer be feasible in the long term.

Launched in 2020 for a period of three years, the PFS project aims to develop methods and tools to increase the resilience of the ports and ships of the future against digital and/or physical attacks. This will result in the proposal of a generic solution for threat prevention and security supervision that will allow the validation of strategies aimed at enhancing the protection and resilience of maritime infrastructures.

Expected results

  • Description and analysis of sea ports’ and ships’ architectures of the future within the 5-10 years Horizon.
  • Proposition of good practices and guidelines for the maritime security governance as well as reference security architecture for ports and ships of the future.
  • Development and evaluation of the maritime digital security through simulation and relastic demonstrators.

Implemented skills

Digital security and blockchain

IoT and Networks of the future
Systems engineering and software design
Data Science and AI

Targeted markets

  • Maritime and shipping industry and Critical Infrastructures
Badge Defense and security
Defense and security
Project Status:État du projet : Completed
Industrial partner(s):Partenaire(s) industriel(s) :
Airbus Defence and Space Eviden HeadMind Partners Naval Group SPIE
Academic Partner(s)Partenaire(s) académique(s)
IRT SystemX
Project Manager(s)Chef(s) de projet
Reda Yaich


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