Secure Cooperative Autonomous systems


Vehicles are becoming increasingly autonomous and cooperative with their environment (roads, signs, other road users). This process of opening up to the external environment on the one hand offers new possibilities and on the other hand introduces an element of complexity that makes the system vulnerable to new forms of attack.

To address the new security and privacy challenges associated with the deployment of autonomous vehicles, in July 2017 IRT SystemX launched the Secure Cooperative Autonomous systems (SCA) project. The project team will look into the question of making intelligent transport system (ITS) communications more secure, addressing five main topics:

  • Analysis of innovative autonomous vehicle use cases
  • Study of the system evolution capability and its crypto-agility
  • Security assessment and penetration tests
  • Improving communication systems interoperability
  • Scaling up and dynamic dimensioning of the C-ITS PKI.

This new project follows on from the ISE project (ITS SEcurity) project, completed in June 2017, which led to the development of the security infrastructure for cooperative ITSs.


The aim of the SCA project is to support the development of autonomous vehicles. Its primary focus is ITS cybersecurity with a view to guaranteeing secure communications between vehicles and between the vehicle and the infrastructure, protecting against cyberattacks and protecting the privacy of individuals.

Within the next few years, the project aims to build a Living Lab bringing together research, studies and analysis on the subject of ITS communications security to enable its current and future partners to carry out the necessary testing on their systems.

Target markets

The results of the SCA project could be used by various sectors of industry working on the development of autonomous vehicles and making their communication systems secure.

Thesis supervised within the framework of the project

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Industrial Partners
Groupe PSA IDnomic Oppida Renault Transdev Trialog Valeo YoGoKo
Academic Partners
Institut Mines-Télécom
Project Manager
Arnaud Kaiser