Engineering activities, and R&D activities in general, are increasingly reliant upon digital technologies in order to make manufacturers, whatever their size, more agile, more productive and more competitive in these activities.

In this domain, SystemX proposes developing methods, processes and collaborative engineering software tools for complex systems, in the context of the extended enterprise, by making use of the potential of digital technologies.

All the demonstrations of the Systems Engineering Village are listed below:

Continuous consistency of the engineering activityFrom the traceability of my engineering data to continual coherency
Agile collaboration within an extended enterpriseCollaborative engineering with my partners. How to define it? An agile implementation!
Collaboration for safetySafety, an essential factor throughout my engineering activity.
Collaborative mode architectureUsing simulation in the assessment of architectures for multidisciplinary decision- making within an extended enterprise.
Optimisation of an electric drivetrainDetermine the optimal drivetrain for an electric vehicle!
Re-CUR or how to use a reduced model in an optimal design processExploit the use of all computation data in the design phase!
3D Immersive VisualisationImmersive Virtual Engineering of a vehicle to understand and analyse a crash simulation.

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