The connected world is an important channel for the launch of leading innovations, but also for the emergence of new risks. Over the
latest technological developments, the Internet of Things (IoT) has fundamentally changed the way we work, for example by allowing to remotely monitor a production chain or to communicate in real-time within a single team split over several remote locations. The IoT opportunities are far from being fully exploited and promise other future technological revolutions. Digital infrastructures constitute the shared foundation of the digital transformation.

In this domain, SystemX proposes developing new architectures and software tools in order to make digital infrastructures more flexible, efficient and secure.

All the demonstrations of the Internet of Trust Village are listed below:

Anonymous Biometric Access Control based on Homomorphic EncryptionEnter into the mysterious world of homomorphic encryption through a demonstration in which you will be the active players!
Information-Centric NetworkingRethinking Internet objectives on Information access and retrieval!
Security By DesignHow to reconcile Linux and Security.
Hyper-connected systems and securityDiscover a realistic simulation of a computer attack on future so-called smart energy distribution grids.

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