Territorial Anchoring

Thanks to its location in the heart of the Plateau de Saclay, home of the future Paris-Saclay University, the IRT can count on a rich ecosystem and prestigious academic and industrial partners

Building on the momentum of the Paris-Saclay Campus, ranked in the top 8 of world’s most important innovation clusters by the MIT Technology Review alongside Silicon Valley, and through the ecosystem created by the global competitiveness cluster Systematic Paris-Region, SystemX contributes to the prestige and the attractiveness of the Ile-de-France region. The concentration of many actors in the field of digital engineering on this territory provides visibility of international class.


Université Paris-Saclay: a unique model of a university

Université Paris-Saclay is a unique model of a university, comprising 18 autonomous institutes of higher education and research. They coordinate their actions and pool certain resources in the framework of a shared project jointly planned and implemented, while at the same time keeping their own identities and resources.
With 60,000 students, 300 laboratories, 11,000 researchers and teachers, 6,000 PhD students and 8,000 publications a year, Université Paris-Saclay already had considerable assets right from its inception.
Université Paris-Saclay has now developed an ecosystem fostering production of innovations and industrial development.
Closely connected to the first industrial R&D cluster in Europe (Élancourt, Vélizy, Courtabœuf, Massy, Palaiseau, etc.), providing a remarkable employment pool, Université Paris-Saclay is also located alongside the greatest national grouping of research organizations.


The Systematic Paris-Region cluster

Rosace_EN_SystematicAt the heart of the infrastructures for digital and software businesses, the Systematic Paris-Region world business cluster federates over 800 players in an ecosystem of excellence in the Ile de France region, to accelerate innovation and business growth: industry, innovative SMEs, startups, plus scientists and academics, at the crossroads between the eight technological markets: Transports, Energy, Telecoms, Security, Health, Intelligent cities, Information Systems and Factories of the Future, and two technological fields: Free software and Complex Systems.
Systematic Paris-Region coordinates an entire community, encouraging collaborative innovation with, to date, over 500 R&D projects representing an investment effort of over €2.6 billion and combined funding of some €950 million supplied by the State, the agencies ANR, EUREKA, FEDER, BPIFrance and the local authorities.
Systematic Paris-Region also leads and develops the growth ecosystem for the 500 SMEs and their 40,000 employees and managers, throughout the value chain (financing, strategy, marketing, business, talent development and international aspects). Secondly, it detects and stimulates the emergence of champions which will move up to Intermediary enterprise level.
In terms of attraction, Systematic Paris-Region promotes the Ile-de-France region and the members of the cluster, and industry in France and internationally, to attract skills and enterprises, encourage and support exporting actions and include the cluster and its players in the regional, European and global dynamic.