• MT180 Saclay : Raïssa Pokam

    La prestation de Raïssa Pokam lors de l'édition 2016 de "Ma Thèse en 180 secondes" pour l'Université Paris-Saclay.

  • The CoSMo Company and SystemX are reinventing Smart Territories!

    With its modeling and simulation platform and its unique systemic approach, The CoSMo Company is exploring and developing solutions in partnership with the Institute of Technological Research SystemX, within the framework of the innovation plan on Modeling and Optimization of Smart Territories. These projects deal with Modeling, Interoperability and Cooperation in the fields of transportation (MIC project) and smart energy grids with Smart City Energy Analytics (SCE project).


    Gagnant Prix du public

  • Paris-Saclay TV / n°36

    Découvrez dans ce nouveau numéro de Paris-Saclay TV : L'Additive Factory Hub, le nouveau temple de l'impression 3D ThesisDay@SystemX, 3 minutes pour convaincre Gyrolift et Energysquare, deux statups de Paris-Saclay au CES de Las Vegas Hackathon, Next Brain Generation au PROTO204

  • SystemX in Singapore: France takes part in the Smart Nation

    SystemX has the ambition to become the reference in Digital Engineering of Complex Systems. To reach this goal, the institute decided to settle abroad and chose Singapore to open a representative office there in 2017. Discover in video the research activities we are carrying out within the city-state.

  • Elies GHERBI : Finale du concours Ma thèse en 180 secondes de l'UPSaclay

    #MT180 : Elies Gherbi (laboratoire IBISC/IRT SystemX, Université d'Evry Val-d'Essonne) : Apprentissage automatique pour la détection d'intrusion dans les systèmes du transport intelligent https://fr.calameo.com/read/004800386a0be7c1d31d1