Anaïs Ottino (IRT SystemX), Parisa Ghodous, Hamid Ladjal, Behzad Shariat (LIRIS), Nicolas Figay (Airbus Group Innovations)


The objective of this paper is to propose a solution to the problem of interoperability of simulation applications. Improving simulation data exchange to reduce the development time and cost for design products is one of the major issues of collaborative design environments. Currently, sharing engineering simulation information is still technically challenging due to the complexity and the size of data. Furthermore, in industries including Aeronautics, there are many subcontractors using their own simulation tools with data heterogeneity. In this paper, firstly we analyze the problems of interoperability of simulation applications in the virtual environment of dynamic network enterprises. Then, a novel approach and architecture based on cloud computing technology will be presented. An example of application in the field of Aeronautics will be used to illustrate our research works.  


Simulation, Interoperability, Cloud computing


Moving Integrated Product Development to Service Clouds in the Global Economy, p 597 – 606, 2014

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