Sulivan Küttler (IRT SystemX), Khadija El Kadri Benkara, Guy Friedrich, Abdenour Abdelli, Franck Vangraefschèpe


In high speed application requiring field weakening operation, iron losses could be really significant and have several origins: the frequency linked to the speed ad the flux density waveform in the iron. In field weakening operation, the fundamental of flux densities waveforms decreases and could have a mitigating effect on the iron losses. However the harmonic content increases too and could have an accentuation effect on the level of iron losses in Internal Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (IPMSM) during the field weakening operation, which can be characterized by relatively high harmonic content. The calculation is based on Flux Density Waveform (FWD) in the teeth and the yoke. For that case an original and mathematical model was developed in order to provide a fast and accurate estimation of iron losses for the whole operating space of the electrical machine by use nonlinear losses coefficients taking into account the FDW with a polynomial form of iron losses in function of the fundamental electrical  frequency.


Model reduction / Fast calculation / Optimization


ECCE conference, 2014

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