Lyes Khoukhi (ENSICAEN) a animé un Seminar@SystemX sur le thème Attacks & trust in connected networks: secure behavioral models, le 16 novembre 2023 de 14h à 15h.

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Résumé :

In recent years, there has been a huge increase in the number of cyber attacks on critical connected networks/infrastructures (e.g., connected vehicles, IoT and 5G, Cloud, and Smart grids); these attacks continue to grow at a rapid rate and cause huge damage at both end-users and data operators sides. It has been shown that some existing industry and academia countermeasures mechanisms suffer from either non scalability or limitative attacks hypotheses.
In this presentation, we present a set of behavioral-based models to mitigate attacks in connected networks showing the need to cope with the new emerging threats, ranging from data leakage to collaborative attacks. Our models are not limited by the need of new attack patterns/signatures (to prevent them to fall within zero-day threat). We also present the future vision of securing connected networks while respecting the standards requirements (e.g., 3GPP, IEEE).
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Biographie :

Lyes Khoukhi is Full Professor of cybersecurity at ENSICAEN, Normandie University (with CNRS GREYC UMR laboratory), Caen, France. He received the Ph.D degree in computer engineering from the University of Sherbrooke, Canada, in 2006. Between 2007 and 2008, he was a researcher with the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research, University of Montreal in collaboration with Bell-Canada. In 2008, he also worked for Dialexia Corporation-Montreal, in the development of safe communications solutions. In 2009, he joined UTT -University of Technology of Troyes- as assistant professor, where he became Full professor at 2018. Since 2020, he joined, as Full professor, ENSICAEN, Normandie University where he is involved in several responsabilities and collective works. His research interests include attacks detection and prediction, malicious behaviors modeling and networking. His target areas are IoT, V2X, SDN/5G. He has participated as a General chair or program chair of many conferences. He was the general chair of IEEE LCN 2022 and IEEE ICC’23 IoTSN Symposium chair. He also served as  the program chair of LCN’21, the program co-chair of CyberWorlds’21 & LCN’20, and Symposium chair for IEEE LCN in 2019. He is the Guest Editor of special issues, like Springer journal of Annals of Telecommunications of the SI (Internet of Vehicles & Smart City)-2020, about security and protocols issues in V2X. He is also the SIG leader of « Machine Learning for IoT and ad hoc networks » of the IoT ASHN ComSoc Committee  of IEEE Communications Society since 2020.

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