In the context of the move to towns by the global population, with an extra 2.5 billion city dwellers expected by 2050, and the limited natural resources available, towns and more generally, socio-economic territories, will, over the next five years, deploy new highly-innovative solutions and services that make use of digital technologies in order to contribute to making districts, towns, regions, countries more inhabitable, more sustainable, more secure and more attractive for citizens and economic stakeholders.

In this domain, SystemX proposes developing decision-making tools for the optimisation and operational planning of the evolution of smart territories, by collecting and analysing large masses of data.

All the demonstrations of the Smart Territories Village are listed below:

Energy study of a system of optimised car sharingDiscover the energy behaviour of a car-shared electric vehicle!
Studies and tools for estimating people’s mobilityPlanning for the mobility of 2030!
Estimation of the adoption of solar panels by a residential districtWhat if we all went over to photovoltaic?
Assessment of recharging electric vehicles on the consumption profile of a smart buildingRecharging electric cars without breaking the bank… Is it possible?
Impact of disruption on mobilityExperiment with multimodal mobility scenarios in an urban area!
Multimodal routing of passengers in a disrupted situationPassengers, take another route!
Multimedia/multilingual processing “as a service”Speed up your information processing!

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