All the demonstrantion on the Adaptable line are listed below:

Virtual LabEmbedded virtualizationYour car is gaining in features for the same price!
Starting BlocksAcceleration of calculations in engineeringEnter the race of supercomputing
Réalité AugmentéeThe challenges of augmented reality on semi-transparent screensThe eye, the actual object and its augmentation: come see for yourself!
Cockpit DécisionnelConception guided by simulationSimulate accurately and smartly to design the plane of the future!
Smart FlightDesign and simulation aboard an electric aircraftIs there a pilot in the plane? Take control!
SmartvilleSimulation of energy clearing in an eco-neighborhoodBe an actor of your eco-neighborhood!
OpenAltaRicaRisk analysis of an avionics subsystemConfigure a reliable and safe plane!
Place des StandardsModel Based Testing for new PLM standardsPlan your trip towards interoperability
Usine LogicielleCollaborative software engineering platformCollaborate, make reliable and transfer!


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