At the SystemX Research Institute of Technology, located at the heart of Paris-Saclay’s world-class scientific campus, you will take an active part in the development of a world-class technology research center in the field of digital systems engineering. Supported by the best French research organizations in the field and made up of mixed teams of industrialists and academics, this center’s mission is to generate new knowledge and technological solutions based on the breakthroughs in digital engineering and disseminate its skills in all economic sectors.

You will be supervised by a SystemX Research Engineer from the blockchain domain. You will work within the SystemX research project BST – Blockchain for Smart Transaction – whose industrial partners are PSA, COVEA, EDF, ATOS, La Poste, ERCOM and academic partners INRIA, TSP and UVSQ.
This position is based at IRT SystemX-Gif sur Yvette.



Goals: The topic of Digital Identity has been receiving significant attentions since the rise of the Internet and Web 2.0, mainly because it enables an online communication between two or several entities (person, organization or a device). This field has seen remarkable changes resulting in many identity management paradigms such as the traditional login and password, the federated Identity systems and the digital certificate. Although these systems have been used for many years now, they are still considered insecure causing identity theft and identity data breaches.

Due to those limitations, new paradigms have recently emerged where the control of the identity is shifted to the end user’s side rather than third party providers. One of these paradigms is the Self Sovereign Identity (SSI). SSI is a term used to describe the digital movement that allows an individual to own and control their identity without the intervening of any third part authority.

To unleash the potential of SSI, decentralized platforms such as those based blockchain technologies have to be used, associated with the integration of several cryptographic techniques such as Zero Knowledge Proof and Digital Signature. Bringing together all these components may result in an undesirable time performance hindering the usage of SSI in real world applications. Therefore, our ultimate aim in this internship is to study the feasibility of SSI in real world applications and circumstances.

Adding to the theoretical analysis, a technical benchmark study has to be done. An ssi platform such as Hyperledger Indy will be assessed; examples of indicators to be computed are: the time to create/store digital identifies (DIDs); the time to create/store/share verifiable credentials; the time to verify the authenticity of users’ identity claims, and so on. Such indicators are to be measured in function of the number of users in the platform; the number of simultaneous requests that the platform receives per second; the size of the verifiable credentials; and so on. The candidate will be invited to identify other indicators and parameters from the state of the art.

Your missions will be as follows:
• Provide a state of the art related to the recent advances in decentralized identity management systems.
• Identify the technical factors that may affect the performance of an ssi system
• Study the performance and limitation of one ssi system such as Hyperledger Indy by developing a dedicated benchmarking tool.

• Jacobovitz, Ori. « Blockchain for identity management. » The Lynne and William Frankel Center for Computer Science Department of Computer Science. Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva Google Scholar 1 (2016): 9.




Student at the end of his Master or engineering studies (Bac +5), in the field of computer science, cryptography, network security or applied mathematics.

Technical Skills :
• Having a first experience in any research field
• Having a good level in programming languages such as Java, Python or GO
• Ability to communicate orally and in writing (in English) Personal Skills:
• Having a deep motivation to conduct research with high real world impact
• Highly motivated to work on blockchain and novel identity management systems
• Ability to work in collaboration;

Duration of the internship: 6 months

Scheduled starting date: February-March 2020

To apply : indicating the reference DSR_BST_09_01


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