Keywords: Optimisation,operational research, fast charging, electrical vehicles.

Host Institution: GeePs-CentraleSupélec-Université Paris Saclay and IRT SystemX

Funding program: PGMO (Programme Gaspard Monge pour l’Optimisation), ICODE

Post-doc position starting: 1st July 2019

Duration of the position: 12 months

Project: Electrical Vehicles (EVs) suffer from low autonomy compared to their gasoline counterpart. In addition, current solutions rely on a low EV penetration and presume the possibility of slowly charging vehicles in parking lots or at home. To reach a higher level of electrification of the transport system, fast charging (>50kW chargers) is needed. For the power grid, the increase of charging power will challenge existing power limits and load curve assumptions. So, proper sizing distribution network is required. To reduce investment costs, the location of charging stations has to be optimized based on mobility flows and electric system topology and state.
The objectives of this postdoc is to optimize the location of the charging stations to meet predicted demand considering different types of areas (residential, public, etc.), mobility patterns and power grid constraints specific to a considered area. The Paris-Saclay agglomeration use case is interesting to study since it groups residential and commercial zones as well as high transit axes (N118, A10, A6, N104) with significant (dense) traffic.

Profile of the candidate: PhD in optimisation and power systems. Fluent english and french.

To apply: Detailed CV with a summary of work. Recommendation letters would be appreciated. Application can be sent by email to Martin Hennebel (martin.hennebel[at]

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Type de contrat : CDI
Localisation du poste : Cluster Paris Saclay (91)

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