Cyber Test SystemS

Cyber ​​Test Systems was created in 2014 by Gregory Fresnais and Laurent Chabenet, with more than 20 years of experience in the performance testing and network security industry.

Today, Cyber ​​Test Systems is defined as a team of more than 10 developers and experts in Cyber ​​Range, located in its offices in France and Singapore.
Years of experience in setting up cyber defense exercises and defining network architectures has allowed Cyber Test Systems to develop its expertise in Cyber ​​Range. Its mission is to train private, public and government organizations to prevent cyber-crises by anticipating them and training their teams to the maximum level of challenges and risks.
In the early years of Cyber ​​Test Systems, the company built a technology called Network Traffic Generator CTS-NTG that generates legitimate and malicious traffic, 16 types of attack vectors in the form of real threats to simulate a realistic environment of cyber crisis. Its range of security-tested products has been expanded to offer a variety of Cyber ​​Range equipment meeting the needs of all participants of the cyber-defense chain.