An original internship program

The CRÉE project is one of the components of the IRT SystemX’s training program. It offers a unique work environment to student interns:

  • Operational mentoring by technical referents from SystemX or from its business partners,
  • Proximity to SystemX’s research projects,
  • Strong relationships with multiple business partners and academic laboratories,
  • Access to shared resources (e.g. technological platforms).

2014 program launch

Launched in 2014, this CRÉE program accommodates about twenty interns working on themes such as cloud computing, intensive computation, driving simulation and modeling, simulation and optimization of digital models. Below are examples of internship subjects:

  • Reduction and optimization of simulation models with the creation of a human-machine interface (HMI);
  • Production of a demonstrator of a web service with digital optimization;
  • Definition of the future architecture reference of the private cloud;
  • Definition and implementation of intermediate sized intensive computing platform;
  • Implementation of an automobile driving simulator in order to evaluate the usage of driving assistance.

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