ThesisDay@SystemX: our PhD students present their research!

PhD students from SystemX and VEDECOM invite you to (re)discover their PhD work on March 21 2018, at 1.30 pm at Nano-INNOV (Palaiseau)!

Autonomous vehicles, digital simulation, multimodal transportation, cybersecurity, Smart City, mobility, energy, blockchain… all these topics will be raised at the second edition of ThesisDay@SystemX.

This event, organized in partnership with Agent Majeur and ITE VEDECOM, will be marked by three important highlights

  • A panel session on the following topic: “Doctorate: synergy between academics and IRT & ITE in R&D projects”.
  • 11 PhD students from SystemX and VEDECOM will then have “3 minutes to convince you”: inspired by the “My thesis in 180 seconds” competition, this session will feature 11 PhD students in succession, presenting their thesis subject in only 3 minutes. Two prizes will be awarded to the winners: the jury prize and the prize from the public. You are all welcome to come, encourage and vote for them!
  • Finally, some 30 young researchers will display their posters and present their respective thesis subjects. A further prize will be awarded for the best poster.

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1:30 pm – 2 pm Welcoming coffee
2 pm – 2:10pm Introduction with Éric Perrin-Pelletier, IRT SystemX CEO and Patrice Aknin, IRT SystemX Scientific Director
2:10 pm – 2:50 pm Round table: “Doctorate: synergy between academics and IRT & ITE in R&D
projects”.Moderator: Patrice Aknin, IRT SystemX Scientific Director.Participants:

  • Fethi Ben Ouezdou, ITE VEDECOM Scientific Director
  • Nicole Bidoit, Professor Université Paris-Sud, STIC Doctoral School Director– Université Paris-Saclay
  • Yves Le Guennec, Engineer-Researcher at SystemX, scientific domain responsible and thesis referent
  • Fabien Leurent, Professor École des Ponts ParisTech, Thesis Supervisor at VEDECOM
  • Laurent Pautet, Professeur à Telecom ParisTech, Directeur de thèse IRT SystemX
2:50 pm – 4 pm 3 minutes to convince you


  • Katherine Evans, VEDECOM : L’intégration de processus de décision éthiques dans des agents artificiels autonomes : le cas du véhicule autonome
  • Xavier Boulet, IRT SystemX : Articulation d’échelles en simulation de déplacements multimodaux
  • Mohamed Hassine, IRT SystemX : Gestion de l’incertitude dans l’exploration des architectures des systèmes
  • Farah Haidar, IRT SystemX : Plateforme de validation des communications véhicules sécurisées et de haut niveau de confiance pour les systèmes coopératifs ITS
  • Abood Mourad, IRT SystemX : Human Centered Urban Mobility – Synchronization for Shared Mobility in an Uncertain Environment
  • Laurène Claussmann, VEDECOM : Copilote coopératif et anticipatif pour une délégation de la conduite automobile fiable et robuste en milieu autoroutier
  • Reza Vosooghi, IRT SystemX : Conception, modélisation et simulation des services Robot Taxi
  • Joseph Kamel, IRT SystemX : Misbehavior Detection for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Pierre-Marie Bajan, IRT SystemX : Simulation d’activité et d’attaques : application à la cyber défense
  • Jean Oudot, IRT SystemX : Architecture de sécurité optimale pour les systèmes du transport intelligent
  • Maxime Redondin, VEDECOM : Approche performantielle de la maintenance de la signalisation horizontale
4 pm – 5:15 pm Posters’ session and jury’s deliberation
5:15 pm – 5:45 pm Awards ceremony and closing cocktail


Composition of the Jury

  • Fallilou Diop, SystemX PhD student, “3 minutes to convince you” 2017 winner
  • Ghislaine Gris, Digital communication officer at Université Paris-Saclay
  • Fabien Leurent, Professor École des Ponts ParisTech, Thesis Supervisor at VEDECOM
  • Hamida Muller, Responsible for the Administrative Management of the Université Paris-Saclay Doctoral College
  • Charlotte Pichot, Alstom Engineer and Project Manager at SystemX
  • Laurent Pautet, Professeur à Telecom ParisTech, Directeur de thèse IRT SystemX



Data science and interaction: 

  • Danya Bachir, IRT SystemX : Mobile Phone Data Analysis for the Estimation of Daily Urban Dynamics
  • Florent Chiaroni, VEDECOM : Perception du véhicule extrapolée par apprentissage auto-supervisé
  • Laurène Claussman, VEDECOM : Copilote coopératif et anticipatif pour une délégation de la conduite fiable et robuste
  • Kévin Pasini, IRT SystemX : Representation Learning for Mobility Digital Footprints Analysis in Transit Network

Scientific computation and optimization: 

  • Mehdi Katranji, VEDECOM : Désagrégation et fusion des données de mobilité hétérogènes, multisources et multimodales pour l’aide à la décision en aménagement urbain
  • Maxime Redondin, VEDECOM : Approche performantielle de la maintenance des infrastructures
  • Adrien Touboul, IRT SystemX : Uncertainty Propagation in Graphs of Models
  • Shaohua Yu, IRT SystemX : Optimization Models and Methods for Tour Planning in Smart Urban Logistics

Systems and software engineering:

  • Mohamed Boukhari, VEDECOM : Stratégies de commande FTC (Fault Tolerant Control) pour la planification de la trajectoire d’un véhicule
  • Wei Chen, IRT SystemX : Formal Models for the Conceptualization and Characterization of Use Cases for the Autonomous Vehicle
  • Yann Duplouy, IRT SystemX : Une sémantique opérationnelle pour les modèles Simulink
  • Emma Effa-Bella, IRT SystemX : Reconciliation of Change in the Context of Heterogeneous Models

Infrastructure and networks:

  • Antoine Durand, IRT SystemX : Blockchain Consensus for IoT
  • Yoan Espada, VEDECOM : Robust Localisation and Planning to Sensor Failures: a Neuromimetic
  • Niezi Mharsi, IRT SystemX : Base-Band Unit Function Split Placement for C-Ran
  • Yuchia Tseng, IRT SystemX : Securing Network Applications Deployment in Software Defined Networks
  • Xuan Zeng, IRT SystemX : Loss Detection and Recovery for Improving Congestion Control in Mobile ICN networks

Societal approaches for new technologies: 

  • Ouail Al Maghraoui, IRT SystemX : Human Centered Urban Mobility – Usages Scenarios, Users and
    Novel Services
  • Jaâfar Berrada, VEDECOM : Analyse et optimisation technico-économiques de services de mobilité urbaine
  • Hanna-Mae Bisserier, IRT SystemX : Blockchain Technologies and the Law: an Interdisciplinary Study
  • Katherine Evans, VEDECOM : Politique éthique pour les véhicules autonomes
  • Géraldine Van Der Beken, VEDECOM : L’acceptabilité sociale du véhicule à conduite déléguée : comprendre et anticiper les comportements des autres usagers de la route en interaction avec le véhicule autonome

SystemX PhD close up

SystemX allows its doctoral students to specialize in a eld with promise for the future, a er obtaining an engineering or master’s degree. Throughout their theses, they will be in a dynamic environment combining the expertise of professionals from the industrial and academic worlds in the institute’s research projects.

Plunged into the heart of a scienti c and technical community at the leading edge of tomorrow’s techno- logies, they are building up a strong network and are developing unique expertise which will be the key to their professional future.

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