Agile Industry

Engineering activities, and R&D activities in general, are increasingly reliant upon digital technologies in order to make manufacturers, whatever their size, more agile, more productive and more competitive in these activities (competitiveness costs and innovation). In this domain, SystemX proposes developing methods, processes and collaborative engineering software tools for complex systems, in the context of the extended enterprise, by making use of the potential of digital technologies.


Industrial challenges

Different engineering tools offer a wide range of points of view required for the stakeholders in the process, from design to operational validation until its withdrawal. Although all these individuals reason theoretically on the same subject, decisions are taken in totally separate technical areas that are not conducive to sharing points of view, and which prevent any possibility of detecting conflicting points of view. This strong compartmentalisation creates silos and technological disruption between the various engineering disciplines. The result is a difficulty to think globally about a range of heterogeneous aims, to correctly manage the life cycle of the product and the process used to produce it, to react rapidly to these changing needs and specifications. These problems thus impact costs, quality and deadlines, and lead to a loss of competitiveness and agility.

The industrial challenges for which SystemX proposes offering help to the digital engineer of the future are:

  • Modelling and simulating large-scale heterogeneous systems for help with decision-making
  • Designing modular and re-usable architectures by adopting agile methods
  • Developing methods and tools for systems that are “”correct by design””
  • Guaranteeing the digital continuity of the management of the life cycle of the systems
  • Ensure quality of service and system performance”


Examples of use cases

  • Designing a configured 3D architecture of the modules of a body to ensure optimum distribution of costs and masses
  • Guaranteeing the safety performances of a multi-critical on-board system
  • Ensuring by STEP standards the digital continuity of the management of the life cycle of an aircraft”


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