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Mobility and Autonomous transport

Ongoing R & D projects:
API, Improving Perception & Interaction
ASV, Autonomous Driving Simulation & Validation
BWM, Blockchain Wallet for Mobility
Anthropolis chair
CMI, Interactive Multimodal Cockpit
CTI, Cybersecurity for Intelligent Transport
EPI, AI-based Decision Making Systems’ Performance Evaluation
EVA, Ecomobility via Autonomous Vehicles
IVA, Enhanced Traveller Information
– LCE, Lyon Carsharing Experimentation
MSM, Modeling Mobility Solutions
PST, Transport System Performances
SCA, Secure Cooperative Autonomous systems
SVA, Simulation of Autonomous Vehicle Safety
SVR, Robot Vehicle Scenarios and autonomous shuttles
TAS, Safe Autonomous Land Transport

Completed R & D projects: 
ELA, Automotive Electronics and Software
EVA, Ecomobility via Autobomous Vehicles
FSF, Safe and Reliable Embedded Systems
ISE, ITS Security
LRA, Localization and Augmented Reality
MIC, Modeling – Interoperability – Cooperation

Industry of the future

Ongoing R & D projects:
AMC, Agility and Design Margins
CDF, Manufacturing Directive Design
DSL, Durability of Lattice Structures
I(SC)², Collaborative Systems Engineering of Complex Systems
MPO, Predictive Maintenance and Optmization
– OAR, OpenAltaRica
TOP, Topology Optimization Platform

Completed R & D projects: 
APA, Parallel Algorithmics
ROM, Model Reduction and Multiphysics Optimization
SIM, Engineering and Multi-disiplinary Simulation
SIP, PLM Interoperability & Standards

Defense and Security

Ongoing R & D projects: 
CTI, Cybersecurity for Intelligent Transport
EIC, Environment for Cybersecurity Interoperability and Integration
SCA, SCA project: Secure Cooperative Autonomous systems
STC, Telecommunications and Cloud Services

Completed R & D projects:
ARE, Network Architecture
IMM, Multimedia Multilingual Integration

Environment and Sustainable development

Ongoing R & D projects: 
BST, Blockchain for Smart Transactions
MSM, Modelling Mobility Solutions
PSE, Paris-Saclay Energies

Completed R & D projects:
SCE, Smart City Energy planning

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