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Mobility and autonomous transport

Ongoing R & D projects:
API, Improving Perception & Interaction
ASV, Autonomous Driving Simulation & Validation
BWM, Blockchain Wallet for Mobility
Anthropolis chair
CMI, Interactive Multimodal Cockpit
CTI, Cybersecurity for Intelligent Transport
EVA, Ecomobility via Autonomous Vehicles
IVA, Enhanced Traveller Information
– LCE, Lyon Carsharing Experimentation
MSM, Modeling Mobility Solutions
PST, Transport System Performances
SCA, Secure Cooperative Autonomous systems
SVA, Simulation of Autonomous Vehicle Safety
TAS, Safe Autonomous Land Transport
Completed R & D projects: 
ELA, Automotive Electronics and Software
EVA, Ecomobility via Autobomous Vehicles
FSF, Safe and Reliable Embedded Systems
ISE, ITS Security
LRA, Localization and Augmented Reality
MIC, Modeling – Interoperability – Cooperation

Industry of the future

Ongoing R & D projects:
AMC, Agility and Design Margins
CDF, Manufacturing Directive Design
I(SC)², Collaborative Systems Engineering of Complex Systems
MPO, Predictive Maintenance and Optmization
– OAR, OpenAltaRica
TOP, Topology Optimization Platform
Completed R & D projects: 
APA, Parallel Algorithmics
ROM, Model Reduction and Multiphysics Optimization
SIM, Engineering and Multi-disiplinary Simulation
SIP, PLM Interoperability & Standards

Defense and security

Ongoing R & D projects: 
CTI, Cybersecurity for Intelligent Transport
EIC, Environment for Cybersecurity Interoperability and Integration
SCA, SCA project: Secure Cooperative Autonomous systems
STC, Telecommunications and Cloud Services
Completed R & D projects: 
ARE, Network Architecture
IMM, Multimedia Multilingual Integration

Environment and sustainable development

Ongoing R & D projects: 
BST, Blockchain for Smart Transactions
MSM, Modelling Mobility Solutions
PSE, Paris-Saclay Energies
Completed R & D projects: 
SCE, Smart City Energy planning

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