Lines of research

Our skills are focused on four scientific domains and addresses the main industrial challenges involved in digital transformation.

Data science and Interaction

Undestanding the real world through data

Scientific computation and Optimisation

Understanding the real world through physical modeling

Systems and Software engineering

Formalizing complex systems design

Digital infrastructures

Ensuring exchanges between information system components

Scientific and technical domains

IRT SystemX’s R&D activities revolve around 8 scientific and technical domains:

Data Science and AI
Human-machine interaction
Scientific computation
System engineering and software Design
Safety of critical systems
Digital security and blockchain
IoT and future networks
Nicolas Sabouret will run a Seminar@systemX on November 20th

Nicolas Sabouret will run a Seminar@systemX on November 20th

Nicolas Sabouret (Université Paris-Sud – LIMSI-CNRS) will run a seminar at IRT SystemX on September 17th on the following topic « En savoir plus



Third International Workshop on Vehicular Adhoc Networks for Smart Cities IWVSC'2019 After the successful edition of the first and the ... En savoir plus


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